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Our Story & Mission

Greenovo Enterprises Ltd. is an environmental technology and solution provider in waste management & cloud-based IoT monitoring of municipal solid waste (MSW) .

In a metropolitan city , we are facing a growing demand for environmental friendly products & equipment , collection & logistics solution, processing and disposal solution , resource utilization , development of sustainable recycling facility to cope with high volume of solid waste generated daily .

With strong belief in environmental protection and carbon reduction, we support our customers to achieve sustainable business practice in waste management and meet the challenges nowadays on how to reduce waste volume , transport waste efficiently, plus monitoring, collecting and analyzing waste data with IoT solution . Our solutions ensure the waste to be collected and recycled in an efficient , low-carbon emission, cost effective and safe manner . Hence re-direct recyclable wastes from landfill and incinerator to become useful resources or energy .

Our objective is 3Rs—Reduction at source , Reuse of waste by the most preferred method of solid waste management , and Recycling waste to useful resources and renewable energy .