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Smart Cities IoT Solution

Waste Monitoring & Recycling Collection

Until now collecting waste in metropolitan city has been done with static routes and fixed schedules. Waste and recycling bins, textile banks and underground containers are collected every day or every week regardless if they are full or not. This causes unnecessary labor costs, frequent and high transportation cost and carbon footprint, poor equipment utilization and constant nuisance of overfilled/overflowed containers.

Reduce cost and save time by utilizing a Cloud-based Bin Management System

It can automatically monitor bins and provide timely details of when they are full. It permits optimized route planning for collections—reduce collection times and transportation costs—ensure no more unsightly overflowing bins or illegal dumping.


nBin fill-level wireless ultrasonic sensor can do the 24-7 job for you!

netBin system is for waste monitoring and recycling collection—the nPod smart 3G wireless sensors gather fill level data from waste containers/banks and sends it to a cloud-based analytics platform. The platform then generates accurate forecasts for ideal container pick-up schedules and routes which can be accessed directly by the driver through any cellular enables tablet or smart phone (iOS, Android, Windows 10). Alerts can be automatically received by mobile phone App, WeChat.

Flood Monitoring System

nPod can be used as innovative flood warning system adopted in culvert and underneath gulley cover and conduit. It monitors the water/liquid level and serves as an effective flood alarm against major flood event due to intense and prolonged rainfall as well as typhoon. Early warning helps to protect properties and even lives from these natural disasters.