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Smart Cities IoT Solution

People Counting System

People counting system using wireless sensors with IoT technology, SensMax system can count people in real time, efficiently and automatically allows business, entity and organization to collect much more accurate and useful data than merely the number of people who traverse a certain passage or entrance or enter the area, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The EasyReport software downloads data from the cloud database and displays various reports and charts for real-time interpretations for better monitoring in people flow, crowd management & control to planning and financial analysis.

Smart Retailing & Shopping Mall

For retail stores and shopping malls, it provides ananalytical tool with statistical and financial data via reporting software for management to evaluate and improve marketing effectiveness, staff planning, monitoring of high-traffic areas, tracking visitor trend, movement as well as returning customers,and determine popularity of particular brands or shops. It also provides an objective rental indicator/index for landlords to access leasing rate of units.

Smart Building, Premises, Museum & Library

People counters are widely used for people flow management at facilities, premises and space, conference rooms and offices, museums and libraries. It helps management to analyze its security and safety needs, occupancy and utilization; how often, at what time, and how many from various reporting and comparison for planning.

Smart Public Toilet

People counting system for public toilets helps to detect visiting peaks and schedule cleaning work according to occupancy intensity. Wireless sensors are to be installed in any indoor or outdoor location. They are widely adopted to monitor public toilet usage and placement by hospitality industry to municipal government.

Smart Outdoor Parks & Events

Outdoor pedestrian counting system for parks, recreational facilities, trails and events helps to detect the number of people visiting the public location, tracking visitor interest spots and participation. It helps to schedule staff work and maintenance activities and provides information for funding proposal, rural planning and investment.


How SensMax people counting system works

EasyReport software for easy analysis