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Smart Cities IoT Solution in Waste Collection

Until now collecting waste in metropolitan city has been done with static routes and fixed schedules . Waste bins and containers are collected every day or every week regardless if they are full or not . This causes unnecessary labor costs, high transportation cost & carbon footprint, poor equipment utilization and the constant nuisance of overfilled/overflowed containers .

Reduce cost and save time by utilizing a Cloud-based Bin Management System

It can automatically monitor bin’s fill level and provide timely details of when they are full . It permits optimized route planning for collections—reduce collection times and transportation costs—ensure no more unsightly overflowing bins !

netBin is not just about waste collection—the nPod smart 2G/3G wireless sensors gather fill level data from waste containers and sends it to a cloud based analytics platform . The platform then generates accurate forecasts for ideal container pick-up schedules and routes which can be accessed directly by the driver through any cellular enables tablet or smart phone (iOS , Android , Windows 8) .